Thanks for stopping by! Before someone gets their undies in a bunch… a few answers for some possible questions.  Yes, I’m Asian. Yes, I’m aware I misspelled Asian in the web address and the blog title.  (It was on purpose…  Have you seen how many different angry Asian variations are already taken?.. I SEEN’T IT MYSELF!)  No, I’m not always angry… well… not nearly as much as I used to be.  This blog will bore many of you… most of you.  This is mainly a page where I’ll write down the ramblings that come into my head… It will definitely NOT have any type of scheduled posts.  But the time has come for me to get back to writing down things that I’m experiencing and pondered.  I used to do this quite often in my younger years, but stopped due to… life.  Okay, that enough for the intro.  Again, thanks for stopping by and I hope you stick around!  Don’t be afraid to reach out, I’m slow to respond, but I do get back to people.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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